Posted by: dotnetninja | September 9, 2008

Silverligth supporting H.264 and AAC

Exciting, no great news from Scott Guthrie and the Silverlight team. Future version of Silverlight vill support H264 video and AAC audio format, this is a great news!. I have expected this announcement to come even earlier because of the Adobe’s support for the same format (as an answer to Silverlight!?).

Link to announcement h264 support.



  1. Does this mean that you can display youtube videos on a Silverlight application?

  2. Hi ahassan!

    I am not sure about you question but in this case with use of Expression Media Encoder with H264 support you will be able to encode videos into this format.

    About displaying youtube videos in you Web Page or application I am not sure about YouTube Terms Of Use but I think you are not allowed to use their videos in external site (read their Term of Use).

    If you want to show videos formated with H264 I will rather use Silverlight Streaming and point you Media Source in XAML or code to it (SL Streaming).
    Here is an link
    It is very easy and simple to use and you get free account up to 10 GB. There is also an plugin for Expresion Media Encoder so that you can automatically upload your encoded videos directly from Expression Media Encoder to SL Streaming.

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