Posted by: dotnetninja | September 19, 2008

What is new in the .Net 4.0 and future directions?

I came across Wenlong Dong‘s blog where he describes new features in the WCF 4.0, WF/WCF, and Oslo. You can read more on his blog, but it seem that Microsoft invests more on providing support for model driven programming. What is more interesting is that we would be able to use XAML to declarative model services and workflows, and I suspect that XAML will play important role in the future framework and we will see in the other parts of the framework (just a guess). New XAML additions will introduce support for generics, object references, non-default constructors,…

With the introduction of the “Oslo” Microsoft is also introducing new language for non developers?!, and because of the need “revolution for developer productivity”.

It will be textual domain-specific with similarities with XAML, but how would it be accepted?, and do we really need another “language”, now with F#, new features in the coming C# 4.0 (more here, and here), IronPython, IronRuby…

PDC 2008 will be really interesting this year.


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