Posted by: dotnetninja | September 24, 2008

Domain Driven Design and Microsoft Entity Framework

Most of the applications are written on the the top of the database model, and as the huge part of the databases are relational (column DB) we are not getting the true object model. Most of the developer are then creating classes that maps to the logical object used in the application and write database access code to populate them. So you could say that developer is modelling when doing this. I will not write about DDD there is a ton of resources on the web.

With the version 2.0 of the Entity Framework it will be possible to create (generate) database schema(model) from the model. More here. So we will be able to “MODEL FIRST” and then generate database schema from the model.

It is not yet clear how the Entity Framework features will support Domain Driven Design practices. I hope that there will be som kind of best practices when using Entity Framework.



  1. WTF is domain driver?

  2. HEHEHEHE, Driver = Driven, I do not know how to use spellcheck, my bad, sorry 🙂 Thanks!
    hahah what a cool name domain driver design….

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