Posted by: dotnetninja | October 14, 2008

EnvDTE.OutputGroup.get_FileCount() And “CompileXaml” task was not given a value for the requiered parameter “TargetFrameWorkDirectory”

After installing Silverlight 2 and Visual Studio Tools for SIlverligt 2, you may receive this errors if you have Blend 2.5 June preview installed.

Blend 2.5 version is not compatible with Visual Studio Tools for Silverlight, so solution for this is:

  1. Uninstall Blend 2.5 June preview.
  2. Install Blend 2 with SP1 (Silverlight).

In some cases you will have to uninstall Visual Studio Tools for Silverlight, Silverlight SDK and Blend 2.5 and install the same again but without Blend 2.5 (just Blend 2 with SP1).

But this solution worked for me.


  1. Experienced this a while back and had to give up on Expression Blend. Was hooked on it for a while but I’ve managed to give it up and produce stuff that looks like it was created in Blend.

    Anyhow glad I’m past all that but silverlight 2 messed up quite a lot of the project I was working on at the time (bugs on overlapping grids that the divisions fit in with each other but look like they don’t!) My guess is it wont effect anyone else.

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