Posted by: dotnetninja | January 2, 2009

Entering New Year As MCTS WCF 3.5

Congratulations to me 🙂 as I’m entering new year as a MCTS WCF 3.5.
I passed test 30. December. I was prepared with a lot of questions about WCF configuration as I read earlier in Patrik L. blog but those questions was quite simple (maybe because I was really prepared for those).
I was surprised that it was only one question about new System.ServiceModel.Web, i was excepting(read hoping) more about this. Some of the questions was really simple and other harder questions have I tried to answer by elimination method.


  1. Hi nice to see that. I’ve started preparing for WCF exam. Can you please guide me on that. I have cleared 70-536.

    From where you have prepared for exam?
    How tough it was?

    • Hi
      Best way for clearing the test is experience, I had luck to work with different WCF “configurations”.
      For the books I have used Juval Lowy’s Programming WCF services which I have read couple of times earlier but in preparation for the test I have “studied” book especially configurations and to learn all WCF attributes.
      Second book was Essential Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): For .NET Framework 3.5.
      I would advise you to write down your exercises in Notepad or on papper (to skip intellisense).
      It was not specially hard from 1 to 10 an 5, no strage or hard questions.
      At the end take your time, about answers that you are not sure, you can quite easy find one answer alternativ which is really strange and incorrect and at most of the times you can eliminate two answers and with that you can make qualified guess.
      Learn how to create enpoints programmatically and with configurations, learn all about attributes, serialization and bindings. There was also a lot security questions or maybe it felt that way…

      Hope that helps

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