Posted by: dotnetninja | January 22, 2009

Windows Mobile is dead (yes I agree)

Mobile market is emerging and yet again Microsoft is failing to deliver. I came across post by Cringley stating that Windows Mobile will die and I totally agree but with correction: “Windows mobile is on the death-bed”.

Developers are fleeing Windows Mobile which is true as I have noticed that on mobile blogs that I follow.
Windows Mobile is ugly, it is slow, IE on the windows mobile!?! (I am using Opera mini),…

Before IPhone and Android, Windows Mobile (CE) was competing with Symbian (for how many years now?) and they could not win, so please can someone tell me how will the win now against IPhone with killer design and Googles Android. No chance.

Instead of laying off employees today Microsoft should invest and reallocate these people to work with new Mobile platform, because Mobile platform and mobile devices ARE the future. Do it now, or not now it is to late do it yesterday. Time is running out for Microsoft and I do not believe they are going to win here, especially not after building crappy mobile platform like they have now.

IPhone and Android are attracting people (read developers) and even I (hardcore MS dude) am looking how to, or which mobile platform to invest my time on. As I see now Android is the best choice.
It is open, it is also possible to run Mono on the Android (see the video), and I also saw earlier post of how to use Mono with ahead of time compilation to run application on the IPhone, and also I was quite surprised when I read that there was about 40 application, most games that was build with C# and available for IPhone using Mono, nice.

It is time to go to the basement and find my old C/C++, Java and Linux books blow the dust of and start developing Android. I can not afford more time waiting for Microsofts new mobile platform.

Check out GREAT comment by Sebastian (first one) on the Windows Embedded blog.

And here news about the new Windows Mobile User Interface

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