Posted by: dotnetninja | January 29, 2009

How to Open Documents (File Types) in Client Application instead of Web Browser

In some cases when opening documents (for example documents from SharePoint document library) and when client machine is running Windows XP (in my case) you will open document directly in web browser.
That is fine but what if you want to use full power of the client application like Word or Excel when working with that document?
There is simple solution for that.There are two ways. One is to change the registry key int the Windows registry, which is not recommended if you are helping someone to do it by him self and with little knowledge with Windows. Another one goes like this.

For each file type you want to open in client application you have to do small modification.

  1. Open Windows File Explorer.
  2. Select Tools, Folder Options.
  3. Folder Options

    Folder Options

  4. On the Folder Options window select File Type tab.
  5. File Type

    File Type

  6. Find file type you want to open in client application (for example DOC for Word or XLS for Excel).
  7. Unselect option Browse in same window.
  8. Browse in same window

    Browse in same window

  9. Press OK.


  1. Thanks for the article!

    Unfortunately, my settings are actually reversed and it still works for me. This is what I’d advised my users to do previously, but I was hoping there was a more overarching setting that I could use.

    I’m very curious as to why the installation of Office 2k3 fixed this situation for some users, but not others.

  2. Great.

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